Department of Manufacturing Technology


Manufacturing is the main subject for growth of our country to be industrialized nation. Manufacturing personnel in industry must know the different manufacturing processes, types of materials being processed, tools and equipments used in manufacturing and safety norms to avoid accidents. India needs engineers workforce to optimize the use of machine, material, methods, money and other infrastructure facilities. The course deals with several aspects of workshops practices also for imparting the basic working knowledge of the different engineering materials, tools, equipments, manufacturing processes, basic concepts of electromechanical controls of machine tools, production criteria’s, characteristics and uses of various testing instruments and measuring or inspecting devices for checking components or products manufactured in various manufacturing shops in an industrial environment. It also describes and demonstrates the use of different hand tools (measuring, marking, holding and supporting tools, cutting etc.), equipments, machinery and various methods of manufacturing that facilitate shaping or forming the different existing raw materials into suitable usable forms.
It deals with the study of industrial environment which involves the practical knowledge in the area of ferrous and non ferrous materials, their properties and uses. It should provide the knowledge of basic workshop processes namely bench work and fitting, sheet metal, mould making, smithy, forging, metal working and heat treatment, welding, fastening, machine shop, surface finishing, assembling inspection and quality control. It emphasizes on basic knowledge regarding composition, properties and uses of different raw materials, various production processes, replacement of or improvement over a large number of old processes, new and compact designs, better accuracy in dimensions, quicker methods of production, better surface finishes, more alternatives to the existing materials and tooling systems, automatic and numerical control systems, higher mechanization and greater output. Manufacturing Technology introduces students to the manufacturing industry. Though hands‐on activities students will learn how manufacturers use technology to change raw materials into finished products. The course will include: types of manufacturing production, design processes, properties of materials, manufacturing processes, CNC Technology etc.