ATTC Observes Vigilance Awareness Week

29.10.2018 to 03.11.2018

Eradicate Corruption-Build a New India

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Integrity Pledge for Citizens

I believe that corruption has been on the major obstacles to economics,political and social progress of our country.I beleive that all stakeholders such as Government,citizens and private sector need to work together to eradicate corruption. I realise that every citizens should be vigilant and commit to highest standards of honesty and intigrity at all times and support the fight against corruption.

I, therefor ,pledge:
  • 1.To follow probity and rule of law in all walks of life;
  • 2.To neither take nor offer bribe;
  • 3.To perform all tasks in an honest and transparent manner;
  • 4.To act in public interest;
  • 5.To lead by example exhibiting integrity in personal behaviour;
  • 6.To report any incident of corruption to the appropriate agency.

Hon'ble Governor of Sikkim Shri Ganga Prasad on Teacher's Day 2018.  TEDP Computer Hardware Workshop  TEDP Computer Hardware Workshop  TEDP Computer Hardware Workshop  TEDP Computer Hardware Workshop
  • Quality Policy

    Imparting Excellence In Technical Education Using Latest Technologies

  • Vision

    Excellence In Technical Education.

  • Mission

    To Provide Quality Technical Education At National And International Levels.

Event And Notice

Even Semester Supplementary I, III, & V Examination start from 22nd OCTOBER 2018
Supplementary Examination for Theory Timing: Morning:- 09:30 AM TO 11:30
Practical Timing: Afternoon:- 01:00 P.M. TO 04:30 P.M.

ODD Semester Regular and Supplementary II, IV & VI Examination start from 12th November 2018.

Theory Timing: Morning:- 09:30 AM TO 11:30 AM
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