ATTC Facilities : Laboratories

Computing Facilities

Information Technology Service provides a wide variety of computing facilities for academic and administrative use throughout the Institute. The service supports an integrated network across all sites with Wi-Fi connectivity. The Institute has three computer labs equipped with more than 150 networked PCs which are available for student use. These computers give access to a comprehensive range of latest software packages like Linux, C, C++, Visual Studio .Net, Adobe Photoshop Studio, Solid Works, Pro E Wild Fire 2.0, Android Studio, AutoCAD 2010, Master CAM, Vision Net and many more. The IT Resource Centers provide a mixture of teaching and Open Access areas. Users also have access to comprehensive documentation, ranging from simple introductory guides to detailed descriptions of languages and packages.

Interactive Classrooms and Labs

Entire classrooms as well as labs are equipped with ceiling mounted digital projectors enabling interactive classroom teaching with enriched visuals, illustration and broad spectra of teaching and learning experience.

CISCO Networking Academy Partner

ATTC is also a Cisco Networking Academy Partner. Cisco Networking Academy helps students develop valuable information and communication technology to increase access to opportunities for career advancement, education, and economic participation in communities around the world.

Welding Facility

The Institute is equipped with latest welding equipment like Arc Welding, TIG and MIG welding, Plasma arc cutting, Gas cutting machines and others


ATTC has one of the most advanced and highly equipped workshops in the entire North East and probably even in the entire eastern region. The workshop equipment can be divided into conventional machine tools, advanced machine tools and non conventional machine tools.

Conventional Machine Tool

The Institute has one of the best and highly equipped conventional workshops in the regions. It has at its disposal, machines like Drilling Machine, Radial Drilling Machine, Lathe, Vertical and Horizontal Milling, Universal Milling, Surface Grinder, Cylindrical Grinder, Tool and Cutter Grinder, Hydraulic Press and Heat Treatment Plant.

Advanced Machine Tool

The Institute has a large collection of advanced machines like CNC Vertical Milling (FANUC), CNC Lathe, CNC Turning Centre (SINUMERIC), CNC Injection Molding Machines, CNC Milling Centre (ATC) (SINUMERIC) and CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine).

Non-Conventional Machine Tool

The Institute also has non conventional machine tools like Wirecut EDM machine and Spark erosion machines.


Equipped with high end IBM Workstations wherein the students get exposure to the latest versions of CAD/CAM software like Solid Works, Pro E, AutoCAD and Master CAM.


Students here are also exposed to the latest technologies like Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM). This lab has six Axis Pick and Place Cartesian type robots, Machine vision control (Quality check), FMS, CNC Machining Centre, Instrumentation Sensor kit, PLC application Pneumatic and Hydraulic kit, and Mobile robots.


The Programmable Logic Control (PLC) Lab utilizes logic input fed by a program to control various outputs like conveyors, motors, etc. to enable automation. It also utilizes inputs such as various types of sensors, relays, capacitive and inductive inputs to control real time applications – i.e., bottle filling stations, stamping machines, traffic light systems, etc. The PLCs available in the lab are of Allen Bradley, Siemens, ABB, GE Fanuc, each with their own programming software. Also available are Instrumentation Trainer Kits, Process Control Trainer kits for Flow Control, Pressure Control, Level Control, PID Control; a programmable Robotic arm for pick and place operations.

Pneumatic and Hydraluics Lab

This lab facilitates the students in becoming proficient in the modern advancements in fluid technology. The lab has equipment and trainer kits manufactured by field leaders like Festo Didactics and SMC and work on software like the P-Simulator, H-Simulator, etc.

Analog and Digital Electronics Lab

To facilitate the students in the subjects of electronics and advanced electronics, this lab has equipment like CROs, Spectrum and Logic Analyzers, DSOs, Trainer and troubleshooting kits, IC tester kits, Display and measuring devices and electronic software like Proteus, 2D CAD, Multi-Sim, etc.

Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab

This lab is equipped with 8085/8086 microprocessor trainer kits, 8051 microcontroller kits, as well as interfacing modules for 8085 trainer kits. Upgraded under MODROBS of AICTE during 2011.

Quality Assurance Department (QAD) Lab

The Institute also has a special QAD (Quality Assurance Department) with a separate lab of its own with all the necessary measuring devices like the tool makers’ microscope, vernier calliper, micrometer, height gauge, bore gauge and other relevant gauges. It also has a set of three slip gauges of grades 0, 1 and 2. The Department also has a high end CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) at its disposal.

Classroom And Laboratories Details