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Orientation (Rope-In) Programme

All students will undergo 15 days orientation (ropein) program at the beginning of the first semester, which is a familiarization/preparatory program aimed to achieve the following objectives:
To improve self-confidence, communication skills, interpersonal skills, memory power, creative thinking and overall personality
To understand the importance of teamwork, cooperation and coordination
To induct the trainees to the culture of the Institute and modern industry
To introduce various production processes through industrial visits
  • Theory & Practical Training

    Medium of Teaching

    All classes will be conducted in English. Those who have difficulty in English will be provided extra coaching during the first year. Such students are also expected to put in extra effort to improve.

    Working Hours

    Monday – Saturday : 8:45 am to 5.00 pm. The Institutes will remain closed on Sundays, all Saturdays except on first and third Saturdays, and on holidays as per the academic calendar of the Institutes.


    90% attendance in each semester is mandatory. Students are liable to be barred from appearing in the semester examinations due to non-fulfillment of attendance criterion. Attendance will be taken on multiple occasions during the course of each working day. Skipping of intermediary classes/functions will lead to loss of attendance for the whole day.

  • Stationery/Uniform


    All stationery required during the course of the study will have to be purchased by the trainees. A few specialized instruments may be purchased under the guidance of the concerned technical staff. Stationeriesfor subject file writing need to be purchased from the institute.


    Trainees are required to wear the prescribed uniform along with safety kits during working hours. Uniforms will have to be purchased by the trainees after admission formalities have been completed from registered vendors of each institution at rates fixed by the institution.

  • Vacation

    The Institutes close for trainees as mentioned in the Annual Academic Calendar and official holidays as declared by the State Government. Railway concession forms will be provided by the Institutes during official vacation.
  • Co-curricular Activities

    During the course of the training period, the students will be encouraged to participate in various cocurricular activities like Lab-talk, Shop-talk, Quality Circles, 5S, Technical Enrichment Programmes,
    Study Tours, Village Camps, Cultural/Sports and Games activities.
  • Industrial Tour

    Students will be taken for industrial visits and industrial trainings as per the requirement of the curriculum. The institute will provide opportunities to visit industries within and outside the state based
    on their requirements. Railway concession forms will be provided by the Institutes as required. Students and parents are required to take a prior undertaking to ensure safety and discipline. Any additional costs will have to be borne by the students.
  • Village Camp

    Village camp is a part of ATTC curriculum, in which Students are actively involved in performing community development work in remote places of Sikkim every year. By such program, students are able to understand the local environment, which leads to creating awareness and co-operation among local people, and generate awareness on effective use of visual aids and as well as to promote the culture of giving back to the society especially in remote areas.
  • Assessment

    Periodic internal assessment tests are held during the semester to assess the progress of the trainees, as per the Examination Rules. Semester Examinations are conducted at the end of each semester. The criteria for assessments/tests are briefed to the students during Rope-In and students are expected to be fully knowledgeable about it. Any student not fulfilling the criteria will be debarred from appearing for the examination.
  • Rope-Out Program

    Towards the end of the Diploma program, a rope-out program will help hone the students’ skills that enable them to lead their life as a successful technical citizen of the country.
  • Campus Placement & Career Guidance Activities

    The Institutes have had a good rapport with multinational companies in India for the last one decade. Every year, the Institutes conduct sufficient campus recruitment drives to make sure that every eligible trainee gets an opportunity to face an interview for placements. The Institutes also provides career guidance for the alumni and students opting for higher studies. Placement assistance is provided to all students opting for it. However, the Institute cannot guarantee placement of all students. The Institutes will only ensure that opportunity is provided to all, but the final outcome will solely depend on the performance of the student and the discretion of the company conducting the recruitment. Selected candidates for placement must abide by the terms and conditions set by the Institutes and the recruiting company. The Institutes reserve all rights to impose penalties on those not abiding by the terms and conditions.